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View from the far side of the ring..

Grassroots sports is where my heart lies and I do what I can to help at least document the event and show other people what Singaporean sports people are capable of.

Even if its just small event in the farthest reaches of Singapore.

A couple of issues though: the organisers don't tell me ( or anyone) that the event is on. I can usually help but you need to give me a heads up a few weeks in advance.

Secondly, they have no money to spend on media.

I have seen world title events in Singapore but shot with a guy with an iPhone from the other side of the room. I have seen awesome sports events but no photos, no videos.

Anyway, I digress. I was invited to shoot an event at KBX Boxing recently and it brought me back to sweaty nights, sweaty men and sweaty cameras. I stuck myself at one of the corners of the ring and watched the event unfold and what a great night!

Some tough fights and some great action, especially right under my nose at times but as always the best seat in the house!

Next time you hear about these events, let me know and I can see if the organisers are open to having a chat.

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