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A new challenge in the world of eSports!

Just finished a 10 day shoot with a huge US-based eSports company, Riot Games. Our first exposure to this multi-million dollar business and also their first time to have a show in Singapore. Naturally with the covid restrictions, there was no audience but the online viewing figures were phenomenal, 100m+!

The set was especially designed for this event along with the lighting and even the chairs being specially commissioned. The teams came from across the globe with the favourites being teams from China and Korea but also included Brazilians, Argentinians, Filipinos and Canada.

The usual covid precautions in place with daily testing for everyone. Your truly had a false positive result on one day and was sent home ! Fortunately the PCR test later that day was a negative. Gave everyone a fright though, especially me!

The event culminated in a big final between two Chinese teams, with Da Kun Gaming emerging as winners over Thundertalk Gaming!

Looks like this may be an annual event in Singapore and I'm looking forward to working with them again!

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