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Things are moving in the right direction....

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Have I just cursed Singapore with that statement? I hope not but this week there were several Government announcements on relaxation of travel, some borders trying to reopen and some clarity on what to do if you are testing positive. Not out of the woods yet by any means but I'm feeling positive.

We have been busy here and have been working on several big shoots and my diary getting busier for November, December and even January.

We are working on CUFA kids soccer camps this week which as always a happy time for both us and them! I love to see the sheer enthusiasm for the beautiful game, especially from the youngest kids and the girls, some of whom were attending their first camp!

The only down point were the Covid protocols in place so just teams of 2 kids, lots of distance between groups and no parents who were all keen to watch but were banished to the sidelines.

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