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The Other Marina Bay ..

I was out in deepest, darkest Jalan Buroh last week and I confess, it was not an area of Singapore that I was intimately familiar with. Gone were the bright lights of Orchard Road and Raffles Place but replaced by the even brighter lights of the halogen lamps on the ships in the harbour.

This is an area somewhat off the beaten track and you won't spot too many Ang Mohs here, never mind the lack of cocktail bars. It is however, an area with its own charms and i enjoyed my shoot in the industrial heartland of Singapore, where I spent an enjoyable morning shooting an industrial building.

There was a time dear reader, when I was very acquainted with these industrial scapes as I worked in logistics in a previous life, sending chemicals and containers around the UK and overseas. Ah yes, the smell of diesel in the morning and chasing the drivers out of the tea room to get in the trucks and on the road. All good fun!

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