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Inside the beast!

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Car shoots are something that we do on a regular basis as are 360-degree shoots but could we pull off this inside the car itself? Only one way to find out!

Cars and Coffee were today's client and we headed up to their mega warehouse in Carros Centre in Kranji. They had a number of awesome vehicles to be shot but we chose the iconic Mercedes AMG G 63. Also known as the G Wagen

Getting inside was the easy part as there is so much space to move around but I decided to stick the tripod just at the rear of the central console. Keeping it steady was the next challenge and it took a while to find the exact spot but with the help of some very low tech sellotape, I managed to get it rock solid :)

8mm fisheye lenses are my tool of choice for 360 shoots and this one is a great choice. Fisheyes are not known for detail but its a pretty powerful lens for low light at F3.5 but you do need a remote trigger. Sigma EX OG Fisheye

Here is what we got:

Really loving the red nappa leather!

Here, I photoshopped out the outside showroom as per client request.

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